Chenkai Weng



I'm a second year PhD student at Computer Science Department of Northwestern University. My interest lies in Cryptography and currently I focus on Secure Multi-Party Computation. My advisor is Xiao Wang.



Northwestern University 2019 - present

PhD in Computer Science


Xidian University 2015 - 2019

BSc in Information Security

2017 - Studied Searchable Encryption and Secure Data Deduplication (advised by Jianfeng Wang)

2018 - Interned at Gemini Lab of Alibaba Group.


QuickSilver: Efficient and Affordable Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Circuits and Polynomials over Any Field

Kang Yang, Pratik Sarkar, Chenkai Weng, Xiao Wang


Wolverine: Fast, Scalable, and Communication-Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Boolean and Arithmetic Circuits

Chenkai Weng, Kang Yang, Jonathan Katz, Xiao Wang

IEEE Security & privacy (Oakland), 2021 [eprint]

Developing High Performance Secure Multi-Party Computation Protocols in Healthcare: A Case Study of Patient Risk Stratification

Xiao Dong, David Randolph, Chenkai Weng, Abel Kho, Jennie Rogers, Xiao Wang

AMIA 2021 Informatics Summit

Ferret: Fast Extension for coRRElated oT with small communication

Kang Yang, Chenkai Weng, Xiao Lan, Jiang Zhang, Xiao Wang

ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS), 2020 [eprint]

Better Concrete Security for Half-Gates Garbling (in the Multi-Instance Setting)

Chun Guo, Jonathan Katz, Xiao Wang, Chenkai Weng, Yu Yu

International Cryptology Conference (CRYPTO), 2020 [eprint]

Contact Me

Address: 3120 Seeley Mudd, Tech Dr, Evanston, IL, 60208

Email: ckweng at u dot northwestern dot edu